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We are a multidisciplinary team of young people passionate about providing practical and accessible solutions for society, facilitating their development and independent mobility of children with motor disabilities.

Givemove: Valores de la empresa


It is an electric standing device that allows independent mobility of the user at the same time it is being rehabilitated in a bipedal position. This allows autonomy and independence at an early age within the home as well as outdoors.

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Electric Car

It was born at the request of a family whose need entrusted their child to move independently in the home, because of an illness manifested in the lower limb.

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Moti II

A transformation of the first version that bears his name, being used by children and adolescents who attended the show Tecnópolis Federal Paraná, summoning more than 500,000 attendees.

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It has been studied that for certain cases of neurological pathologies, the diagnosis and early stimulation of these patients significantly improves the speed with which personal independence is achieved.

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It was the first prototype created, marking the beginning at that time of a constant work in the search to provide independent mobility to children with motor disabilities.

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  • "Facuando tried it 15 days ago and with a face of enormous happiness he told me "mama, I can run" while the wind hit him in the face. It really was a unique experience for him and he wants to repeat it.
    He wants the stand-up that Alejandro did with a motor."

  • "At a systematic level, it improves blood supply, changes the point of support, prevents eschar formation, osteoporosis, scoliosis, improves breathing, but also operates on psychological aspects of the child because he is now unemployed and on equal terms with the rest.”