electric stand-up

BipMov is an electric stand-up that allows independent mobility of the user at the same time it is being rehabilitated in bipedal position. This allows autonomy and independence at an early age within the home as well as outdoors. The standing offers innumerable benefits to the user:

- ABOUT THE BONE SYSTEM: immobility, sedentary lifestyle and physiological osteopenia, promotes bone demineralization. Early and dynamic verticalization based on lateral swings or repeated short-time verticalizations is necessary. This allows to maintain the calcium content, thus preventing osteoporosis and fractures.

- ABOUT THE TISSUE SYSTEM: the verticalization modifies the usual support points thus decreasing the risk of pressure ulcers.

- ABOUT THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: the immobilization leads to a mismatch to orthostatism, therefore, the verticalization will favor the reactivity of the baroreceptors. Likewise, if it is accompanied by rocking or repeated and short loads and discharges, the venous return is stimulated, decreasing the swelling of the legs and improving blood circulation.

- ABOUT THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: improves the placement of the pelvis, the spine and the thoracic cage, with which the abdominals are more free and reduces the pressure on the abdominal viscera; all this will cause the respiratory volume to increase.

– SOBRE EL SISTEMA GASTROINTESTINAL Y URINARIO: la verticalización supone un estímulo del peristaltismo y facilita la evacuación regular aumentando la actividad intestinal. Facilita la evacuación de vías urinarias, previniendo las infecciones de las vías urinarias.

- ON THE NEUROMUSCULAR SYSTEM: the verticalization helps to prevent the spastic muscle retraction (hip flexors, triceps surae: the load is the factor capable of intervening more effectively in this sense). Improves alignment and reduces contractures. During the verticalization, a spinal erector musculature takes place (fundamental for the stability that allows the movement). It also contributes to the health of the motor neuron by stimulating the receptors of kinesthesia through pressure receptors and neuromuscular spindles.

- ON THE PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECT: provides psychological benefits as it promotes the relationship with the environment, both physical and social, so it positively influences self-esteem. Verticalizing means for the patient to feel at the same height as the others, achieving a "normal" body image.

Currently, this project is in the validation stage with patients of the Rehabilitation Service of the Hospital Interzonal de Agudos San José in the city of Pergamino, Buenos Aires.